Offer customers special discounts
for every card payment.

PromoPay provides PayDollar merchants with the capability to offer customers special discounts based on the credit card brand – whether Visa, MasterCard, or JCB, they’ll use for payment at checkout.

cardpromo service overview
Increase Sales
Drive Sales

Let shoppers purchase more by giving them additional discounts and limited-time offers before they checkout.

Improve Retention
Create Loyalty

Influence customers to make repeat purchases on your website by providing discounts they won’t find elsewhere.

Deliver Value
Deliver Value

Beat consumer expectations by allowing cardholders to save more money by paying with their credit cards.


Campaign Maintenance

Campaign Maintenance

Run several campaigns simultaneously and track the performance of each via a single dashboard.

Promotion Rule Maintenance

Rule Maintenance

Set distinct campaign parameters like discount types, minimum charges, and discount rates.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Make it easy for shoppers to checkout by showing the payment page in their native language.

Get better revenue with card discounts.