Provide customers with a
branded checkout experience.

Customized Payment Page is a value-added service which allows PayDollar merchants to modify their payment page layout and design based on their brand identity, providing a coherent image across each purchase.

Strengthen your brand throughout the checkout process.
Reinforce Brand Recall
Improve Recall

Make it easy for customers to remember your brand by presenting a single visual identity throughout their purchase.

 Improve Consumer Trust
Establish Trust

Strengthen consumer confidence by showing them a familiar look and feel while they checkout.

Convert More Customers
Drive Sales

Boost conversion rates by delivering a branded shopping experience they can trust.


Easy-to-edit Framework

Easy-to-Edit Framework

Design your own payment page however you like. Swap fonts, change colors, add images, and more.

Store Multiple Templates

Multiple Templates

Create several templates for different purposes – sales promotions, marketing campaigns, etc.

Compatible With Other Solutions

Cross-Solution Compatibility

Add other PayDollar value-added services along with your branded payment page with no conflict.

Brand your payment page today.